02 August 2014

Miss Victory in "The Mad Monster"

Nina Albright did the artwork

Nina Albright was an American comic book artist during the Golden Age of Comic Books, one of the few woman working in that field during the period.

Albright got her start in the comics industry by answering a classified ad placed by packager Jerry Iger. She worked in studios like Funnies Inc., L.B. Cole, and Bernard Baily in the 1940s. While employed at Novelty Press in New York, she worked on such features as Young King Cole, Lem the Grem, Contact Comics, Dr. Doom, Bull's Eye Bill, and The Cadet (mostly backup features in the Novelty titles 4 Most and Target Comics). She also worked on Fiction House features, including Captain Terry Thunder, Hooks Devlin, Inspector Dayton and Senorita Rio. In 1945, she and an unknown writer created Comandette, a heroine featured in Star Studded Comics #1, published by Cambridge House Publishers 

At Holyoke Publications, she worked on Miss Victory. She also worked for Aviation Press on their Black Venus, and illustrated romance stories for Timely, such as Junior Miss.  Up until the early 1950s, she worked for Archie Publications, St. John Publications, and Ziff-Davis. 

Albright turned to illustrating after abandoning comics, and worked for magazines such as American Girl and the Polly French book series 
from Captain Aero Comics #v3#13 [15] (June 1944). Great cover by Alex Schomberg

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