31 July 2010

What would summer be without booze and projectile weapons?

"This should be easy since there are two targets!"
"The target is BEHIND you, baby..here , you need another beer."

30 July 2010

Do ghosts need shuteye?

From the Golden Age run of comicbook mainstay THE SPECTRE, in MORE FUN #90 (65-70 years ago). Why does the omnipontent spiritual being ,who could probably whip Superman's butt, need to sack out in a fluffy bed?

29 July 2010

from 1930

They paid back the municipal bonds in short order, seeing as how they charged 25 cents for a barf bag.

14 July 2010

Comic Book Short Story- A Jet's No Pet

From G.I. Combat #62, July 1958
written byBob Haney
Nice artwork by Russ Heath


13 July 2010

Friends from across the lake

 by Haddon Sundblom ,1955
He is best  remembered for his advertising work, specifically the Santa Claus advertisements he painted for The Coca-Cola Company in the 1930s.

11 July 2010

Dell educational page from Four Color #1234

Jack Lehti did this educational filler page (as well as the whole issue) of Dell's 1961 adaption of the movie THE PHANTOM PLANET which was a film that started off strong but quickly became silly.

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08 July 2010

Gold Key Informational Page

During the latter half of their work on the Dell Four Color Series and for the first few years of the Gold Key Imprint, Western Publishing often included a one page educational short (usually) related to whatever that particular issue was about.
From The Phantom, #3 May 1963

Art by Jack Sparling