30 November 2012

Beverly Hillbillies Full Page Panels

As you know, I love full page panels which are within a comic book story , as differentiated from splash pages. Here are some from Dell's adaption of the TV series The Beverly Hillbillies.

First, from issue #1, April 1963

Pencils:Bill Fraccio
Inks:Tony Tallarico

and from issue #2, July 1963,same artists:

28 November 2012

Comic Book Short Story~Captain 3-D

Published by Harvey Comics at the height of the 3D craze, Captain 3-D was written by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, inked by Steve Ditko and Mort Meskin over Kirby's pencils.

from the only issue, Dec. 1953, here is The Man From the World of D.

This was the first of 3 stories in this issue. The second was reprinted in Golden-Age Men of Mystery #15 ([August] 1999)

The 3rd story will be presented on this blog soon.

27 November 2012

Comic Book Short Story~Captain Nice in "Think Mink"

From Captain Nice #1 (only issue) Nov. 1967
art by Joe Certa.

Captain Nice was played by William Daniels (later the voice of  KITT). Clumsy Carter Nash  popped a special pill and for an hour became Clumsy Captain Nice.

25 November 2012

Comic Book Short Story~The Interplanetary Aquarium (3D)

The 3rd story in the 1953/1966 oversized anaglyph 3D Batman publication was a science fiction tale from Action Comics #127, Dec. 1948. See the previous    posts for the 2 Batman stories.

Script:Otto Binder
Pencils:Curt Swan
Inks:John Fischetti

This was the first Tommy Tomorrow story, but the 3D version doesn't indicate that. Here is the original splash page, a little different from the 3D one.

Sorry I can't provide the red/cyan glasses you will need. There are probably millions floating around..recently Honda had them attached to their magazine ads.

23 November 2012

Comic Book Short Story~The Fowls of Fate (3D)

The other 3D Batman story from 1953. You will need red/cyan 3D glasses.See Wednesday's post for the first story.

Original story is from Batman #48, August 1948
Pencils:Jim Mooney
Inks:Charles Paris