31 August 2012

More Russian Space art

Jordan Miltenov, "KURNOSIK ON THE MOON"

Cover of a 1970 book, probably for children.

30 August 2012

The Art of Teodor Axentowicz

Our main source of Vintage Babe Art here at the Paperdrive is old pulp magazines and sleazy paperbacks. But we're happy to acknowledge some high falootin' "fine art" if it strikes our fancy.

Teodor  Axentowicz,   born May 13, 1859 in Braşov, Romania (died  August 26, 1938)  , was a  painter , university professor and a renowned artist of his times .

29 August 2012

Comic Book Short Story~Grave Diggings

George Wilson's art for the cover

Frank Bolle drew this story by Arnold Drake which appeared in Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery #71 (October 1976).

27 August 2012

Feel Like New!

I really like this 1940s or 50s ad from south of the border for Royal Crown Cola. I can't make out the signature,  so if anyone knows who the artist was, please comment.

26 August 2012

Ford Cougar II

In 1963, Ford produced this interesting concept car.

1/25 model kit

Ford claimed a top speed of 168 MPH with the 4.8 liter V8 equipped car. Dayton wire wheels were fitted to the 90" wheelbased car. It had a  4 speed manual transmission and was built on the frame of an AC Cobra. It seems to me to be very reminiscent  of a Corvette.

The car was shown at the 1964 New York Fair, but of course was upstaged by the debut of the production Mustang at that venue.

The styling didn't show up in the Mercury Cougar, which was brought ot market in late '67. But if you squint, you sure can see some of the future Pantera in there.

24 August 2012

The Art of Pearl Frush

Frush opened her first studio in Chicago in the early 1940s. She created a  a string of popular Calender Girls series: Liberty Belles, Sweethearts of Sports, Girls of Glamour and Glamour Round the Clock. In 1947, her Aquatour series, a dozen pin-ups all located in aquatic settings, broke all sales records.

  Frush enjoyed sailing, canoeing, swimming, and playing tennis, and she would often incorporate sport themes into her work.
 She sometimes signed her paintings with her married name "Mann".

23 August 2012

March of Comics 352 Space Family Robinson

From 1970, the 3rd of 3 SFR March of Comics issues. See the August 2012 archive for the other two.

This reminds me, my post "The Mystery of The Red Spacemobile" will be online soon.