30 January 2011

We're getting new PCs at work. IT never got the ones we have now working right.

"Miss Silkbottom, Telex the Home Office and inform them that the new widescreen destop PC arrived just in time to watch the moon landing, and then make some coffee. Oh, and tell Dexter back there to quit playing with the HiFi."

27 January 2011

Hell's Kitchen

I don't know which is more disturbing in this 1950s illustration-- the color combinations or the mother-daughter June Cleaver outfits.

26 January 2011

Now we know what became of Kato

 Burke's Law was a witty and campy crime drama/comedy in the mode of today's MONK or PSYCH.

In a 1963 episode written by Harlan Ellison, Henry, Burke's Filipino chauffeur, mutters "I never had this aggravation when I worked for the Green Hornet!"

The episode features Burgess Meredith and Sammy Davis Jr as "Cordwainer Bird", Ellison's pen name. There is also a character named Devora Cato.

Original Air Date—25 October 1963

24 January 2011

MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. Informational pages

from issue #2, October 1965

from #3

From #4, January 1966

From #5, March 1966. Art by Joe Certa

From # 7, July '66

From # 8, art by Joe Certa

From #9, November '66, agan by Joe Certa.

21 January 2011

Pulp Art Gallery: Frank Soltesz

Not really a pulp artist is the strictest sense, but in a similar style. The only things "pulpish" I can find by him are some 1960s "men's adenture" type magazine covers.
Frank Soltesz' work can be found in several different areas: Men's magazine covers (a descendant of Pulp) , state map illustrations, landscapes, adevertising.

He was born in 1912 in Pennsylvania of Slovakian immigrants.
1946 ad.

"Men's magazine" covers from the 60s

 1978 watercolor
1969, for a calender

 1966, for a Christmas card company

1975 Watercolor

Here is a link to 16 interesting cutaway paintings he did for an industrial firm.

Here are a few of the map cover illos he did.