30 June 2010

Now You Too Can Wear A Tiki On A Thong!!

This ad from a 1962 comic tempts us with these HEATHEN IDOLS painted in BARBARIC COLORS.

Crikey, I want the whole set!

29 June 2010

Death from Below Belt Level

Yeah, kids were tough back then. You know, Scout Camp was really just a code word for Boot Camp. Honest. I personally led the 32nd Woodchuck Division on a pre-naptime snipe hunt.

We didn't get any, but the older kids really appreciated the way we kept those snipes at bay.

They mentioned it quite often!

27 June 2010

Jell-o From Hell-o

Some of these gelatin entrees are just plain wrong.


From "Women's Home Companion, Jan. 1947"


Pastries in jello...WTF?



what the hell is that thing above the shrimp?Onion?



Tuna+Cream+ Lemon+Mayonnaise=GAG!

My favorite dessert-Tuna/A1 Jello!

26 June 2010

Gold Key's DARK SHADOWS #3

Dated November 1969, this issue is odd for GK titles of the period because it is all content, no ads or joke pages. Of course, the cover price is 10 cents higher than a normal issue, but you got a"GIANT" poster as a bonus. I don't have the poster, but I think it was about the size of 2 comic pages, with the image of the back cover..which in itself is a reversed image of the front cover.

D. J. Arneson scripted this issue and artwork was by Twilight Zoner Joe Certa

24 June 2010

23 June 2010

Make Your Own Moccasins Dell Four Color #363

This December 1951 offereing not only gave us Zane Grey's "King of the Royal Mounted" buy also instructions on how to make our own footwear. The coonskin cap would appear a few years later.

click to enlarge

21 June 2010


WOLF'S CLOTHING was a 1927 film directed by Roy Del Ruth, who much later directed TOPPER RETURNS and very much later was a TV director (Richard Diamond, Adventures in Paradise).
Here is a contemporary article explaining the then novel use of special effect props.

20 June 2010

Dell Four Color 761 HOWDY DOODY

You know how some kids are afraid of clowns? Well, Howdy Doody had the same effect on me. Never saw the charm of that ugly puppet. But for those of you who do, here is a story from FC#761, January 1957.
Cover looks like Mel Crawford's style. Dan Gormley is to blame for the interior art.

Howdy Doody was a TV pioneering show, created by Roger Muir and running from 1947 to 1960. It was broadcast in color beginning in 1955. Not that there were many color sets around then.

18 June 2010

A Beautiful Comic with Full Page Panels

  Click on pics to enbiggen.

This is Dell's Four Color #19 from 1943.  THUMPER MEETS THE SEVEN DWARFS. Disney even then was milking every dime out of his characters, these being suporting characters in SNOW WHITE and BAMBI.

 The artwork throughout is by Carl Buettner.

This lovely issue has a Full Page Panel:

and even better than that, a DOUBLE Full Page Panel. With no interior border/margin!!

Beautiful back cover art:

 But Wait! There's more! We're used to the monochromatic,  usually black and white, inside covers of comics up until the late 1960s.  However, some of the early Four Color issues had full color inside covers. Here are the ones from this issue:

17 June 2010

Magnus #12-- Wilson or Prezio?

This original cover painting was recenty sold for $7170 on an online auction site. It was described as ""George Wilson Magnus, Robot Fighter #12 Painted Cover Original Art (Gold Key, 1966). "Uncontrolled robots create a fantastic plot to blow up North Am: the Volcano Makers." This rambunctious robot smasher from the heart of the Silver Age has an approximate image area of 12.5" x 18", and it has been matted to an overall size of 18" x 23". The art is in Excellent condition. ""
click to make it monster-size.
  This issue, which I know was on sale in late summer 1965, because I bought one, has one of my all-time favorite painted covers.  GCD crdits it to Wilson also..but look at it closely.. the linework looks lot more like Vic Prezio's to me.

Prezio certainly did #14 thru 19, & 21.  I think #28 has his style also.






This is, of course, so totally unimportant to anyone except fellow old comic hounds like me.