27 May 2011

Golden Magazine

The Golden Magazine was published for kids by Western, the Gold Key Comics people.They pumped out tons of kids ephemera during the baby boomer years--puzzles, comics, coloring books, BIg Little Books, etc.
This February 1968 issue has a great cover by George Wilson. Among the assortment of stories, articles, and activities was this color by number treat. Print it out and be 10 again.

03 May 2011

Unusual version of Flash Gordon

This Wonder Book from 1956 depicts Flash as a pith-helmeted wild kingdom animal-napper with a jet powered helicopter. I don't know the story behind this odd role--perhaps the project was done with a different lead and they added Flash for, well, flash? It's not like he's identifiable a Flash Gordon. At any rate, this was MY first exposure to FG, and I was confused by the Universe Conquering hero I expereinced later.