30 December 2013

Comic Book Short Story~ Lolly & Pepper in "Soaring Secretary"

from Four Color #1086 (April-June 1960)

By Pete Hansen.
Lolly, Pepper & Granny

Hansen was a former Disney animator and started this comic strip in 1955. He'd done some work for King Features before this. Dell also did six issues of the comic  between 1957 and '62. 
  The strip was carried by the Tribune Syndicate until 1983, quite a good run.

26 December 2013

Comic Book Short Story~Tales of the Texas Rangers "Bandit Bait"

Tales of the Texas Rangers was  a western old-time radio drama, which aired on NBC from July 8, 1950 to September 14, 1952, and thereafter a 52-episode CBS television series broadcast on Saturday mornings from 1955 to 1958. Film star Joel McCrea voiced the radio version as the fictitious Texas Ranger Jayce Pearson, who uses the latest scientific techniques to identify criminals.
The television version was produced and also directed for several episodes by Stacy Keach, Sr.
On radio, Joel McCrea's Pearson often worked by request with a local sheriff's office or police department, but in the television version, Willard Parker assumed the role of Jace Pearson and had a regular partner, Ranger Clay Morgan, who had been an occasional character on the radio show. Morgan was portrayed in the television version by Harry Lauter. William Boyett appeared five times on the television series, including the role of Wade Crowell in the 1955 premiere episode, "Ransom Flight."
During the opening and closing credits of the television series, the actors march toward the camera as an off-screen men's chorus sings the theme song, "These Are Tales of Texas Rangers", to the tune of "The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You" and "I've Been Working on the Railroad". The radio series used contemporary cases and modern detective methods to solve crimes; it was a procedural drama, in many ways Jack Webb's Dragnet with a western flavor. The television version had some episodes set in the 1950s, comparable in some ways to Rod Cameron's syndicated series, State Trooper. Other episodes were set in the 19th century in a traditional western genre. In each case, Parker and Lauter were involved with chases and shoot-outs. The weaponry varied greatly between the modern and older stories.
  Western produced 2 FOUR COLOR issues for Dell Comics, after it had   it's own title for 8 issues. There was also an Australian version of the comic.

This story is from  Four Color #1021 (August 1959). Art by Tony Sgroi.

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Australian issue of the title