31 May 2013

Dodge Matador

Dodge produced this model for only one year, 1960.

The Matador was one of two new models produced by Dodge in 1960 when it dropped its long-running Coronet and Custom models.. The Matador was designated Dodge's full-size base trim vehicle, with the Dodge Polara becoming the make's full-sized premium model. All Matadors were V8-powered.

These cars continued the style introduced by Virgil Exner for the 1957 Mopars.
 The majority of cars built by Dodge and sold during the 1960 model year were in Dodge's new "smaller" and less expensive full-sized model, the Dodge Dart. 27,908 Matadors were built.

Engines: all ohv V-8; 361 cid (4.12 x 3.38), 295 bhp (1960), 265/305 bhp (1961); 383 cid (4.25 x 3.38), 325/330 bhp
Transmissions: 3-speed manual; 2-speed PowerFlite automatic, 3-speed TorqueFlite automatic
Suspension front: upper and lower A-arms, longitudinal torsion bars, anti-roll bar
Suspension rear: live axle on semi-elliptic leaf springs
Brakes: front/rear drums
Wheelbase (in.): 122.0
Weight (lbs): 3,705-4,220

28 May 2013

The Freckled Shark

This was artist James Bama's final Doc Savage cover. He quit doing them because he " Wanted to paint for myself & do what I want with no time limit or direction "