28 September 2012

The Art of Sarah Stilwell


Sarah Stilwell (1878-1939), known also as Sarah S. Stilwell Weber or simply “SSS"



27 September 2012

Anaglyphs~ Swimsuits

You'll need the standard RED/CYAN glasses to view these.
Marilyn Monroe , 1953
Marilyn Monroe , 1953

Marilyn Monroe , 1953

Marilyn Monroe , 1953

25 September 2012


The Skyviews were specially created for the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado.

This custom-built Cadillac had an incredible 156-inch wheelbase and featured a large plexi-glass observation panel in the roof.

The Broadmoor Skyview was built by Superior Coach of Lima, Ohio on a Cadillac commercial chassis. Production of six 1959 Skyviews have been verified. All were delivered to the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where they replaced a fleet of 1955 and 1956 S&S Cadillac observation coaches as VIP transportation.

To amortize development costs, the Skyview shared a body shell and chassis with higher-volume Superior ambulance and Royale hearse models. Dimensions were generous; a 156-inch wheelbase and a 251-inch overall length provided stretch-out comfort and a limousine-style ride. With all the eye-catching beauty of the 1959 Cadillac, plus wide-opening doors and plenty of interior room height, the Skyview offered executive transportation for eight Broadmoor guests plus luggage. Plexiglas observation roof panels provided for an extraordinary view. Leather seating was standard, along with power steering, power brakes, a 390 cubic-inch V8 engine and gold-plated 'Broadmoor' emblems on those iconic 1959 fins.

Thanks to my buddy Bill H. for suggesting this unique motor car.

22 September 2012

At The Movies~Dr Phibes Double Feature

My favorite Vincent Price role is that of Dr Anton Phibes, who he portrayed in two films; The Abominable Dr. Phibes in 1971 and Dr. Phibes Rises Again in 1972.

 Robert Fuest directed both, imbuing in them a macabre wit and style that is absolutely charming, despite the body count. Terry-Thomas plays two different roles in the  films,  both with his distinctive flair. The beautiful Caroline Munroe plays Phibes' dead wife in both films, never moving a muscle. Some less kind critics might say it was her best role.
The complete film is presented here.

Scroll down for the sequel

Dr. Phibes awakens in 1928, three years after the events of the previous movie. His primary goal is the awakening of his dead wife, Victoria. He finds that his house has been demolished, and that the papyrus scrolls he needs to find the Pharaoh's tomb, where the River of Life flows, have been stolen. With the source of the papyrus theft identified, he and his assistant, Vulnavia, leave for Egypt. Vulnavia's face displays no effects from the acid shower she received at the end of the previous film, although she is played by a different actress, Australian model Valli Kemp.

20 September 2012

Comic Book Short Story~Checkmate: The Chinese Doll Mystery

Checkmate was a detective television series starring Anthony George, Sebastian Cabot, and Doug McClure. The show aired on CBS Television from 1960 to 1962 for a total of 70 episodes. It  was produced by Jack Benny's production company, "JaMco Productions".

Gold Key produced two issues of the comicook tie in. Here is a story from the 2nd issue, cover dated December 1962 and drawn by Jack Sparling. Script was mostly likely by Paul S. Newman.

Here are the two "Info Pages" from this issue.

19 September 2012

The Dream, Realized

we once dreamed of owning tape recorders so we could send annoying tapes of our spawn singing "Mary Had A Little Lamb" to all the disinterested relatives. Awwww.

18 September 2012

Fireball XL-5 Coloring book

I loved my 1964 Fireball XL-5 coloring book. The neatest thing was that the inside covers could be colored and then cut out to make a diorama or used as toys. I played with my paper Fireball set until it was tatters. Now 5 decades later I can print these out on cardboard and play again. So can you..just click the images a couple of times to get them as large as can be and save / print them.

17 September 2012

Ben Casey Film Stories

When Dell and Western split in early 1962, there must have been some confusion as to who owned which rights. Western owned most of the TV and movie licenses, including the lucrative Disney ones, but Dell managed to get some TV show rights. One of  their first in house productions was Ben Casey, the first issue cover dated June 1962 with god awful artwork by Norman Nodel. It just wasn't the quality product that Western used to produce. None of the first few solo years of Dell were.
A few months later Gold Key issued Ben Casey Film Stories, cover dated November 1962.This wasn't a comic book, but rather a story illustrated by stills from the TV show. This was the only issue of this title  produced , and they tried it one more time with an adaption of the movie The Three Stooges In Orbit.

Here is one of the 2 stories in that issue.