31 January 2012

More from the 1968 British SPACE FAMILY ROBINSON Annual

Here's some more from the 1968 Annual


Click on these to get full size..print on cardboard and play! Jeepers!

Another text story.

Oh look, a maze!

30 January 2012

Vic Prezio's Paperback Covers

Original art for WHAT NEWS OF KITTY 

In addition to Comic Books and Men's Magazine, Prezio also was prolific as a paperback cover illustrator, mainly in the 1970s. Most of his work was in either the Gothic Romance or Western genres. Here are a few examples.

What News of Kitty 1969

Original art for unknown book cover

Original art for unknown book cover

Original art for unknown book cover

29 January 2012

Dell Four Color #1348 "Yak Yak" (1962)

As the Western Publishing - Dell Comics union was coming to a halt, some interesting stuff emerged from Poughkeepsie, such as one of the final issues in the Four Color series. Number 1348* was a Jack Davis one man show, very much in the vein of his work for MAD Magazine. Here are a few sample pages.

* In the final years of Four Color there are some  gaps in numbering that probably have no issues. There are 1331 known Dell Four Color Issues, yet the last one is number 1354.

28 January 2012

Vic Prezio's Men's Magazine Covers

Original art by Vic Prezio for REAL MEN, June 1964

The previous post showed off some of the mysterious Mr Prezio's comic book covers...here are some of the ones he did for a popular genre of the 60s.........

Adventure, April 1961

Feb '66
May '59
Dec '69
Original art for MAN'S ESCAPE, June 1963
Dec '60
March 1959
May 1965
Original art
October 1958

Oct '57
original art
Jan '65