27 January 2012

Vic Prezio's Comic Book Covers

Original art for MAGNUS ROBOT FIGHTER #18, May 1967
I can't find a bit of biographical info on Vic Prezio. He seems to have been active from the late 50s thru the eearly 70s, doing covers for both comics and "men's adventure magazines" (See Next Post)

He did a number of covers for Magnus, Robot Fighter, (even some I think are wrongly credited to George Wilson).

Most of his comic covers were for Dell... here is a random gallery:

Kona #5

December 1962

December 1962

January 1963

January 1964

January 1964

January 1964

July  1963

July 1964

July 1962

March 1964

may 1962
May 1966

May 1962

September 1963

Bonus,  Jan 1965

Magnus, Robot Fighter 4000 AD (Gold Key) No. 21
February 1968

Magnus, Robot Fighter 4000 AD (Gold Key) No. 17 
February 1967


  1. These are so great. I had to link to these at my blog today and spread the Prezio word!