08 January 2012

Solar Powers

I'm a fan of pulp/paperback artists such as Norm Sanders and Richard Powers, two vastly different talents that graced many a fantastic tale. Powers ((February 24, 1921 – March 9, 1996) started out in a pulp style but is best known for his abstract type science fiction covers. He also did the first two covers to one of my favorite comic books--Dr Solar.

Dr Solar was one of GOLD KEY COMICS' first publication, in 1962. GOLD KEY was a division of Western Publishing which had for years packaged and produced comics for Dell, which appeared under Dell's logo. The vaguely documented rift between the two groups ended up with them both publishing their own comic lines. It was no problem seeing where the talent had resided, because Gold Key not only kept most of the titles they had been doing for Dell, including all of the Disney licensed properties, but came out with some great new titles as well. Dr Solar was followed by Russ Manning's MAGNUS, ROBOT FIGHTER and Del Connel's SPACE FAMILY ROBINSON. Most Gold Key comics had painted covers by George Wilson or Morris Golub, or if they were a TV / Movie adaption, a photo cover. However, Dr Solar Man Of The Atom issues 1 & 2 had covers by Richard Powers. To me, they express explosive energy barely held in check by the heroic Dr Philip Solar.

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