21 April 2014

TV Mundial part 6

More Mexican editions. Unknown if these were authorized or not.

Kona #5 (March 1963)
Kona #6 (April-June 1963)
Kona #7 (July-September 1963)
Petticoat Junction #4 (July-September 1965). Art by Henry Scarpelli
Petticoat Junction #5 (October-December 1965)
Space Man #7 (December 1963-February 1964)

Voyage to the Deep #2 (May - July 1963)
Voyage to the Deep #1 (September-November 1962)
Space Man #2 (May-July 1962)

Four Color #1301 (February-April 1962)

19 April 2014

Give-A-Show! ººº Lassie in "URGENT MESSAGEººº

"We'd better hurry home, Lassie. It's starting to rain!"

"I can't move it girl. Go get help"

"All Right Lassie, I'll come. Take me to Timmy!"

"Take it easy boy! I'll have you free in a minute."

Just a little wet and no worse... Thanks to Lassie!

18 April 2014

"Brave Eagle and the Mustang Trail"

BRAVE EAGLE was a 1955 TV show, partially produced by Roy Rogers, which was aired on CBS. Although the actor was white, the show was one of the first on TV to star an Amerindian character, and reflected  the Native American viewpoint in the settlement of the American West. The actress who co-starred was of some Souix heritage.

This Dell Four Color issue, dated 1958, was drawn by Dan Spiegle.

FC 929

17 April 2014

The SF art of Lou Feck

Lou Feck was born in Cincinnati, on July 8th, 1925 and  died November 4th, 1981. I always liked his STAR TREK covers for Bantam.