30 September 2011

Mad fold-ins

Al Jaffe has been churning these out for almost 50 years for Mad Magazine.

If you are like me, you botched them up pretty badly, so here are a few to print out and try again. Or use photoshop--it's easier (but it'd be cheating!)

29 September 2011

Everyone has one of these in the closet......

From the January 1964 issue of FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND. A human skeleton, wait a minute, read the fine print...it's only 12" tall. Hey, it'll fit in with the GI JOE figures coming out soon! Gruesome fun ahead! This thing cost $7 in today's cash, so I feel better about throwing $3 away at the Dollar Store for a near identical Halloween Decoration.

28 September 2011

Comic Book Short Story "Explorers In the Unknown "

from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea #7, Feb 1967

a 4 page backup feature drawn by Nevio Zaccara

While we're here, let's look at the back cover pinup and the infopages for this issue:

27 September 2011

Comic Book Short Story~~~Big Town "The Casebook of Unsolved Mysteries"

Big Town began as a radio show and was so popular is moved over to television. It also spawnd a long running comicbook. It was a "reporter drama" with the central character Steve voiced on radio by Edward G. Robison.
The radio program aired from 1937 to 1952  and had a listening audience rated between 10 and 20 million people. Paramount made four BIG TOWN  motion pictures. The TV show ran from 1950 to 1956, the first 2 years being telecast live.
DC's Big Town comic book ran 50 issues, from January, 1951 to March-April, 1958.

Here is a story from issue #40, July 1956, written by John Broome with art by Manny Stallman and John Giunta.

Strange ad placement:

This issue contained a somewhat puzzling ad considering the readership of DC comics was probably close to 99% children. Certainly not many people who'd be doing the household grocery shopping.

Comic Book Short Story~~~ from Grimm's Ghost Stories #27

Music to Die By

cover by Luiz Dominguez, story by Paul S. Newman and art by Jose Gual

25 September 2011

A Few Gold Key Educational Pages

from Space Family Robinson #31, December 1968

from Dark Shadows #12, Feb. 1972

from Mighty Samson #8, Dec 1966

24 September 2011

Golden Magazine Paper Dolls

Western's GOLDEN MAGAZINE was a childhood staple for many of us growing up mid century. One of the regular features was a paper doll page done by Neva Schultz.

print these on thick stock and enjoy, kids.

 march 65
 July 1965
Feb 68

My Favorite Martian - Gold Key pinups

During the 1960s Gold Key's comics often contained no advertising, except for the occasional in-house ad. This left the back cover free for some very nice artwork, usually the front cover sans text. By 1967 this practice was ending, although there are still some pinups as late as 1969.

Another treat from GK, for the budding fanboy, was their very nice color printing. And since almost all TV shows were in B/W, this gave us some rare color pics from the TV   comics.  (I never would never have known that Uncle Martin's space suit was green, for instance)

Here are the color pinups from MY FAVORITE MARTIAN.

#1-January 1964

 Issue #3, February 1965

#5, Aug 65

Issue 2 had an "Infopage" on the back cover.
The rest of the pinups for MY FAVORITE MARTIAN were in monochorome, I am sad to report.

23 September 2011


One of the cars designed by by Tom Daniels of Barris Kustom Industries for the 1964 TV show, THE MUNSTERS. The other car was the family coach. In one episode Herman was bilked out of the famlycar by a  hot-rodder . Grandpa came to the rescue and built the super fast DRAG-U-LA and got the family heap back. Gandpa kept his hotrod for night excursions.

The main body of the car was an actual fiberglass casket. The engine was a 350hp Mustang V-8, two 4 barrel carbs, and the exhaust pipes were cut to resemple a pipe organ.

The car was assembled by Richar Korkes and now resides in the Volo Car Museum in Chicago.