27 March 2015

Galaxy 1965

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Frederik Pohl was the editor  in 1965. The February issue kicks off with the sole cover of an artist named Wright, illustrating   "Planet of Forgetting" by James H. Schmitz. Cordwainer Smith's  "On the Storm Planet"  ;The Man Who Killed Immortals , a novelette by J. T. McIntosh;  Fin's Funeral ,a  short story by Donald H. Menzel also appeared.  Algis Budrys did his book reviews.

George Schelling did the April cover, for the story  "War Against the Yukks " by Keith Laumer. Another goofy  name story was  "A Wobble in Wockii Futures"  by Gordon R. Dickson. Frederik Pohl reviewed a few nonfiction astronomy  books.

Another nice Schelling cover for June , illustrating  "One Face" , a  novelette by Larry Niven. Niven himself has stated this story is not in the "Known Space" series.  "Mindswap"  ,a  novella by Robert Sheckley and "Blue Fire" , a novelette by Robert Silverberg, also grace this issue.
"The Shipwrecked Hotel" , a  novelette by James Blish and Norman L. Knight gets the cover treatment by Grey Morrow in August's issue.  Frank Herbert gives us a version of "Destination:Void" called  :Do I Wake Or Dream?". The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch by Philip K. Dick  is  reviewed by Algis Budrys
October's cover is by  John Pederson, Jr.    "The Age of the Pussyfoot  a three part   serial by Frederik Pohl begins. Willy Ley recalls the first 15 years of GALAXY . " Inside Man" • short story by former editor H. L. Gold. " Three to a Given Star"  by Cordwainer Smith and "Shall We Have a Little Talk?"•, a  novelette by Robert Sheckley, also are featured.

Pederson is back for the December 1965 issue with an interesting cover depicting "The Mercurymen , a  novelette by C. C. MacApp. "The Warriors of Light " by Robert Silverberg and "Repent, Harlequin!" Said the Ticktockman"   by Harlan Ellison are also featured.

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