22 March 2015

Bachelor Father full page panels

Bachelor Father was an American sitcom starring John Forsythe, Noreen Corcoran and Sammee Tong. The series first premiered on CBS in September 1957 before moving to NBC for the third season in 1959. The series' fifth and final season aired on ABC for the rest of the show's run. A total of 157 episodes were aired. It is the only primetime series ever to run in consecutive years on the three major television networks.

Just in time for the end of this show's run, Dell put out two comics . the first was Four Color #1332 (April-June 1962), and then this issue, indicia #2, in September. This was after the Western split. Hard to figure which licensed properties when to which company.

In our continuing search for golden and silver age Full Page Panels, here are the two from that 2nd issue (Sept. 1962), drawn by Gerald McCann.

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