06 March 2015

Comic Book Cover / Splash Page Clones, Part 25

Mirrored, recolored . Art by  Tony Abruzzo. Girls' Love Stories #136 (July 1968)

Completely different artwork. Note uniform, helmet, ammo belt. Showcase #45 (July-August 1963). Cover by Russ Heath, Splash page by Joe Kubert. Very interesting take on same scene.

Our Fighting Forces #72 (November 1962). Jerry Grandenetti did both, but there are minor differences. Pooch changes color, Gunner loses a sleeve.

Once again Gunner loses a sleeve, but Sarge loses his backpack.Our Fighting Forces #70 (August 1962). Kubert cover, Grandenetti splash page.

Our Fighting Forces #75 (April 1963), same art duties. On the splash, Gunner loses a helmet, but the bridge gains a pier.

The artists switched positions on this one, Our Fighting Forces #74 (February 1963). Localegors from field to beach, barbed wire style changes.

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