20 March 2015

Bullwinkle ~ "Mono Rail Moose"

From Dell's one-shot comic book, July  1962. there is no numbering, as this was right smack dab in the middle of the Dell/Western Publishing split.  Western would continue the series under their Gold Key imprint for another 21 issues, beginning with #1 cover dated November.
This story was written by Al Kilgore, although it remains unsure who drew it. Some credit Kilgore with that task also.

One of the last Dell comics produced by Western Publishing. Note 15¢ cover price. When the series resumed under Gold Key a couple of months later, they lowered it to the industry standard of 12¢. Although they often had a superiorly produced product , I think Dell's refusal to back down on their pricing really negatively impacted them and was a factor in the Dell/Western Split.

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