09 March 2015

Classic SF Book Covers- CITY

Classic SF (as well as other genres of course ) gets reprinted many times over the years , in various formats. Here we start looking at some of the more interesting covers to classic works.

CITY by Clifford D. Simak was first published in book form in 1952 by Gnome Press. It had previously been printed in Campbell's Astounding Science Fiction   in May of 1944.

First edition, cover by Kelly Freas, 1952

British edition, 1954. Cover by C. King.

First paperback, 1954. Cover by Richard Powers

1958 ACE paperback with iconic Ed Valigursky cover

1961 SFBC edition, cover by John Griffiths

This 1965 British edition had lots of commentary by Simak.

Rather mundane 1965 Dutch edition

French, 1971

British paperback, 1971.  Eddie Jones' cover was obviously inspired by the 1958 ACE edition.

1973 ACE paperback, cover by Davis Meltzer

Another Dutch edition, cover by  Marion Crezée 1976

Gary Viskupic did the cover for this 1979 SFBC edition

1981 ACE

French, 1987

1982 hardcover, cover by Michael Budden

2003 French

2003 SFBC, cover by  Donato Giancola

2004 hardcover, illustration by  Douglas Klauba

2011 British trade paperback

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