01 November 2014

Comic Book Cover / Splash Page Clones, Part 3

I don't know if there is a proper name for them...splash pages that duplicate or mimic the cover the the comic they appear in. Here are some more that I have noticed....

 Batman #171 (May 1965). Similar POV, different artwork and dialog. Cover by Infantino and Anderson, interior by Bernard Baily.

Wonder Woman #110 (November 1959). Both by Andru and Espositio. Similar POV,WW in different position and princes rotated 180º on her shoulders 

All-Star Comics #31 (October-November 1946). Same art on both, with the odd exception to Hawkman's helmet.  Martin Naydel and Joe Kubert

Our Army at War #89 (December 1959). Cover by  Russ Heath, interior by Jerry Grandenetti. Similar POV, but solider is rotated 180º, and his hair color has changed.

Detective Comics #348 (February 1966). Rotated POV, different hat on baddie. Cover by  Kubert, interior by Moldoff and Giella

Sensation Comics #28 (April 1944). Same situation , yet on cover WW is in her airplane, while on splashpage in on ground. Harry G. Peter drew both.

Metal Men #14 (June-July 1965). Same moment in story, yet slightly different character speech, characters in different positions. Cover by Andru/ Espositio, splash page by Win Mortimer.

from  Our Army at War #155 (June 1965). Slightly differing POV. On cover the German is firing a pistol, hitting Rock's helmet. On splash page he is holding a grenade in is right hand.

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