14 November 2014

Comic Book Cover / Splash Page Clones, Part 5

One of my favorite features, often found on DC comics, is when the cover and splash panel are linked. Here they are of the same moment in time,from a different POV, almost 180°with differing artwork, even though by same artists (Andru And Esposito). from  Star Spangled War Stories #98 (August-September 1961)

Action Comics #255 (August 1959), cover by Curt Swan and Stan Kaye, splash by Al Plastino. Same event, wildly different locations.
Detective Comics #125 (July 1947). Burnley and Paris artwork. Rarely is a  splash  reused for the cover without at least some color change.  

Different POV ..Over the top cover from The Adventures of Rex the Wonder Dog #24 (November-December 1955), Gil Kane art.

The Adventures of Rex the Wonder Dog #8 (March-April 1953)...Cover action is a few seconds later than Splash. Both by Gil Kane.
Sensation Comics #78 (June 1948). Harry Peters drew both. On the cover WW disables the chopper with a rock, on the splash page it's a tree. WW looks the same, just rotated abit, Steve and bondage pals are the same.

Beautiful cover and splash by Russ Heath, reverse angle. Showcase #27 (July-August 1960)
Here's a conundrum .. Wonder Woman #53 clearly uses the splash page of the story as the cover, yet they are credited to different artists by GCD. Irwin Hasen  and  Bernie Sachs are credited for the cover, Harry G. Peter for the interior.

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