29 November 2014

Comic Book Cover / Splash Page Clones, Part 8

cover is copy of splash...slightly different colors.
Heart Throbs #76 (February-March 1962) Art by John Romita

All-Star Comics #41 (June-July 1948), Splash page is a clone of cover art, by Alex Toth.

Reverse angle,   Sensation Comics #61 (January 1947), by Harry Peter.

Reverse angle POV by Frank Bolle, Tim Holt #22 (February-March 1951)

Action Comics #111 (August 1947)
Cover is mirror image of splash, with chest logo corrected.
 Drawn by John Sikela

Sensation Comics #73 (January 1948). Reverse POV, new art.Differing clothing colors.
by Harry G. Peter

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  1. Interesting that the balloon on the Romita splash has been removed and replaced by a new balloon containing the same text. I speculate that the editor felt the original balloon would be too near the logo and had it repositioned.