26 September 2014

Comic Book Cover Clones part 1

I don't know if there is a proper name for them...splash pages that duplicate or mimic the cover the the comic they appear in.
Star Spangled Comics 75 ~same artwork, different colors
  DC did a lot of them. The boring splash that is just a copy of the cover, to the really great ones that are a reverse angle of the same scene. 

  Here are a few I have noticed....

Adventure 114~Rotated POV

Adventure 133~same artwork, different colors

Boy Commandos 20 ~same artwork, different colors

Our Army At ar 128 ~Reverse angle, character holding gun switched (part of storyline?), pistol type different.

Star Spangled Comics 88~ different POV

Tom Corbett V2, #3  ~same scene, redrawn

Wonder Woman 135~ different POV

Wonder Woman 38~ partial same artwork, different colors

Young Men 27~  partial same artwork, different colors

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