12 September 2014

"The Curse of Squadron 3"

art by  Maurice Gutwirth 

From  Wings Comics #120 (Summer 1953)
Maurice Gutwirth was a Golden Age comic artist, working through studios like Chesler, Eisner/Iger and Funnies Inc. Early work includes Centaur features like 'Doc Doyle', 'Lucky Doyle, Master Detective' and 'Sky Menace'. He drew among others 'Dr Frost' in Prize Comics (Feature Comics), and worked on Archie features like 'Bentley of Scotland Yard', 'Secret Assignments' and 'Silver Fox'.

For Better Publications, he illustrated 'American Eagle' (in Exciting Comics), 'Four Comrades', 'Jimmy Cole', 'Lucky Lawrence' and 'Sergeant Bill King'. He was the creator of 'USA', comics's first female super-patriot, for Quality Comics. Other Quality feature by Gutwirth include 'Blaze Barton' and 'Samar'. He was present at Timely/Atlas with 'Captain America', 'The Falcon', 'Human Torch' and 'Phantom of the Underworld', and at Ace Periodicals with 'Buckskin', 'Marvo the Magician', 'Vulcan' and 'Sky Smith'.

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