15 October 2014

Comic Book Cover / Splash Page Clones, Part 2

Star Spangled War Stories #129 (October-November 1966)
Kubert cover, Russ Heath interior. Different artwork, POV on splash panel.

Tales of Horror #4 (January 1953). Ernie Schroeder art. Cover is partial of splash page.

Adventure Comics #213 (June 1955). Sekila art. Same scene differing artwork.

Adventure Comics #188 (May 1953)
The John Sekila splash page takes place a second after the Win Mortimer cover. Subjects moved. 

Action Comics #156 (May 1951). Al Plastino art. Same moment, different POV, art.
Our Army at War #94 (May 1960). Joe Kubert art. Same moment, different art

THE ATOM, #24 Apr 1966.
Cover and splash page by Gil Kane. Splash is nearly identical artwork, without the scissors.

G.I. Combat #79 (December 1959-January 1960)
Jerry Grandenetti and Jack Adler , cover. Russ Heath interior.
Same moment, different POV

Sensation Comics #21 (September 1943)
Cover by Harry Peter. Interior by Frank Godwin.
Same moment, but WW is mid air on cover, on ground on Splash page. Different POV

G.I. Combat #74 (July 1959)
Cover by Jerry Grandenetti, interior by
Mike Esposito and Ross Andru . Differing artwork, POV, colors

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