14 November 2013


   In 1989 Brøderbund Software ported , to DOS, the arcade game STAR WARS. This was a simple Twitch & Shoot game, but the vector graphics were quite nice for the time of 286 machines with 4 color displays.

    Most of these screen grabs are from the 16 color EGA mode, although it doesn't take advantage of it.

here is the original "hercules" mode.

   The game puts you in the role of Luke Skywalker, in the X-Wing cockpit, fighting wave after wave of the Empire's TIE Fighters in a dramatic space drama that culminates in the attack on the Death Star itself. 

 While short on plot, it is a significant step in the evolution of computer games.
The first generation of consoles had been gone for years now, and the market was dominated by the likes of Nintendo, which was marketed for simple play such as this. 
 The company , on the eve of the PC game expolsion, would soon become quite successful, but be gone before the turn of the century.

Use the force, Luke

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