17 November 2013

Overlord (1990 Computer Game)

This European game By David Perry and Nick Brunty was originally  written for the Atari ST computer, released in 1990 . An Amiga port soon followed, and a couple of years later a DOS port. It was called "Supremacy: Your Will Be Done" in the European market and "Overlord" in the US.

  It is your basic Interstellar resource management game, written before they became so alike. That's what makes it fun.
 The goal of Supremacy is to create and protect a network of planetary colonies and defeat a computer adversary who is trying to do the same. There are four skill levels, each represented by an enemy race, and each featuring a progressively stronger opponent. The more advanced a system is, the more freedom a player has when purchasing spacecraft. Higher skill levels also result in different numbers of planets in each system.

The 1993 NES version game could be considered an early example of real-time strategy, allowing direct control over missile launch, and hover tanks (1 on the map at any given time) on the offensive side, while offering direct control over the plasma cannon defense base and partial control over the   defense bases.

Atari ST

Commodore Amiga

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