16 November 2013

B-1 Nuclear Bomber (Computer Game)

It pains me to think what the retail price of this turkey from 1980 was..probably at least $20, which would be like $55 today. Honestly, most of the games appearing in Creative Computing magazine in the late 1970s were better.
Avalon Hill, a company known for it's war board games in the 60s and 70s, really boned their customers with this one. I guess they should be congratulated for exploring new media, but holy cow this was bad. Written in BASIC there were versions for the Apple ][ and the Commodore Pet.

The box art is the best part.

Good heavens, even HUNT THE WUMPUS had more depth.

So embarrassingly bad, it makes OREGON TRAIL look like a masterpiece.

These machines looked so cool..but this was the kind of stuff available for them. No wonder so many people learned to code BASIC back then-just to design their own, better games. I know I did.

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