13 November 2013

Old Time Radio~ Weird Circle~

The Weird Circle was a radio program recorded out of RCA's New York Studios, and almost immediately licensed to both NBC-Red/RCA [WEAF] and the Mutual Broadcasting System [WOR and W-G-N], It ran for two seasons, 78 shows in 1943 and 1944. It was mostly adaptations of classic horror stories. Noticeably absent was any music. Not using any organ accompaniment helps the show seem less dated now, but it also diminishes the atmosphere that effective music provides a good story, especially if its timeless music of an orchestra or even a piano.

It was usually delivered to individual stations on transcription phonograph discs. Here is the label from one.


  Farr Ice Cream sponsored The Weird Circle locally over Texas stations.

Here is an episode from 17 Dec 1944

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