08 January 2015

Comic Book Cover / Splash Page Clones, Part 18

Wonder Woman #143 (January 1964), cover and splash both by Andru and Esposito. Different POV

Different POV, 2 characters vanished . Our Fighting Forces #64 (November-December 1961)  . Jerry Grandenetti artwork. 

Our Fighting Forces #68 (May 1962). Gunner's ammo belt missing on splash. Slightly different POV. Cover by Grandenetti, interior by Irv Novick

Gil Kane cover, Mike Sekowsky interior. Showcase #17 (November-December 1958)

Cover used for splash, art by  Gene Colan.  Secret Hearts #100 (December 1964). This was rather frequent with DC's romanace comics, and we won't try to list them all, since there isn't any interesting variation.

Different POV . Sensation Comics #109 (May-June 1952). Murphy Anderson did the cover, Carmine Infantino the interior.

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