14 January 2015

Comic Book Cover / Splash Page Clones, Part 19

Ross Andru and Mike Esposito cover and splash..differing POV. All-American Men of War #74 (October 1959)

Joe Kubert did the cover this time, with Ross and Mike playing the inside tools. Different POV, position of sailor .All-American Men of War #75 (November 1959). 

Looks like the same art, mirrored, on All-American Comics #92 (December 1947), by Alex Toth.

The Atom #9 (October-November 1963), Gil Kane / Murphy Anderson cover ,Sheldon Moldoff splash page, which looks like it occurs an instant later.

Another Ross Andru and Mike Esposito cover and splash, differing POV. The Brave and the Bold #39 (December 1961 - January 1962)

A different POV, but where did the blonde kid go? Gil Kane drew both, so he must have just over looked him! The Adventures of Rex the Wonder Dog #14 (March-April 1954)

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