28 January 2015

Comic Book Cover / Splash Page Clones, Part 21

Jerry Grandenetti cover, Ross Andru and Mike Esposito splash page, All-American Men of War #37 (September 1956), slightly different POV.

The Atom #35 (February-March 1968) . Gil Kane cover and interior. Slightly different POV.

Gil Kane and Murphy Anderson cover, Sheldon Moldoff  and Joe Giella interior. Batman #180 (May 1966)

 Slightly different POV between the cover and splash, plus addition of Alana. Mystery in Space #63 (November 1960). Carmine Infantino on both.

Gil Kane cover, Bob Oksner interior on The Adventures of Rex the Wonder Dog #2 (March-April 1952)

 Same situation, different action . Cover by Curt Swan, interior by George Papp. Superboy #76 (October 1959)

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