20 January 2015

Comic Book Cover / Splash Page Clones, Part 20

from Heart Throbs #55 (August-September 1958), Bernard Sach's cover is repeated as a splash page.

Murphy Anderson inked Mike  Sekowsky's cover for Justice League of America #6 (August-September 1961). Bernard Sach's inked Mike's splash page.

 Nothing unusual here... Johnny Romita's cover is used as a splash in Girls' Love Stories #84 (February 1962)

 For Our Army at War #142 (May 1964)  , Joe Kubert drew a cover and splash page that were very similar.

from Green Lantern #27 (August-September 1947)        Howard Purcell's cover used as splash.

More Fun Comics #85 (November 1942) . George Papp's cover is redrawn for the splash page by Cliff Young.

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