06 July 2012

A Quick Look At Phil Noto's Art

For many decades, up until the mid 60s or so, most magazine covers were painted images, because photographic printing techniques just weren't as good. As soon as possible though, magazine editors ditched the army of illustrators that had graced their covers, stories, and advertisements in favor  of cheaper photos.
 Today's print media has hardly any use for an illustrator..paperback novels rarely have pictures and fiction magazines are rare. Analog & Asimov's still have proper paintings, usually, but not of the caliber of a Freas or Sternbach. Ellery Queen's Magazine uses old covers by pulp artists I showcase here. Where is the current generation of Bartons, McGinnis, & Saunders?

Comic books.

I won't break my own self enforced rule of limiting comic book mentions to pre-1972. I have heard that this artist, Phillip Noto, works on some DC titles and is well known in the comics realm. However, I'm not familiar with him, and have just stumbled upon his work. Here are  a few samples.

Bond.  James Bond


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