11 July 2012

Follow The Sun

May 1962 Here is another almost forgotten TV show that Dell Comics licensed in 1962 as their long time association with Western Publishing crumbled. They brought out 2 issues, both with photo covers. Art was by Edd Ashe, who started out on the adventure titles of Archie Comics in the 40s (Top Notch omics, Zip Comics and Shield-Wizard Comics).

September 1962

The hour long drama, consisting of 30 episodes, followed the adventures of two magazine writers in Hawaii. It starred Barry Coe and Brett Halsey, with Gary Lockwood as a regular in over half the episodes.
Guest stars included Robert Vaughn, Yvonne De Carlo, Inger Stevens and David Janssen.

Gary Lockwood (with Rhonda Flemming)

Brett Halsey with Nita Talbot

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