09 July 2012

King of Diamonds

This all but forgotten TV show starred Broderick Crawford and ran for 38 episodes during the 1961-62 season. Radio great Gerald Mohr guest starred in 2 episodes, as did Telly Savalas. The bewitching songstress from Peter Gunn, Lola Albright, made an appearance in the first episode, aired  12 Sep 61. The 30 minute show was produced by ZIV TV, which also syndicated Highway Patrol, Sea Hunt and a host of other great TV series.

Crawford played Johnny King, a free  lance  trouble-shooter for the diamond industry

In mid 1962 Dell's association with Western Publishing came to an end, with Western taking almost all the character licenses from Disney and just about eveything else popular and lucrative with them to their new comicbook line, Gold key. This left Dell scrambling for material. They'd licensed ZIV characters in the past, so this was one of their new comcis. The show ended about the time this hit the stands, and there was only the single issue.
The comic was drawn by  Mike Sekowsky  

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