05 December 2014

Comic Book Cover / Splash Page Clones, Part 10

Sheldon Moldoff did the cover and  interior  for Batman #149 (August 1962). Same scene, identical dialog, but completely different artwork, even background building styles changed.

Irv Novick , same scene , different artwork, All-American Men of War #106 (November-December 1964)

Same scene, different art with  The Atom #8 (August-September 1963). Cover by Murphy Anderson, interior by Gil Kane.

All-American Men of War #105 (September-October 1964). Irv Novick again, same scene, differing artwork

Jack Adler wash over the Gil Kane cover of  The Adventures of Rex the Wonder Dog #31 (January-February 1957). Kane also did the interior. Splash is differing art . POV from cover, same scene.

Slightly differing art, POV, by Joe Kubert on his cover and splash page for G.I. Combat #105 (April-May 1964)

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