27 December 2014

Comic Book Cover / Splash Page Clones, Part 16

Our Fighting Forces #67 (April 1962). Cover by Jerry Grandenetti, interior by Irv Novick. Different POV

Jerry Grandenetti did both the cover & splash for Our Fighting Forces #80 (November 1963).  Splash page cannon lacks Japanese flag, ammo crate labeled in English. 

Wonder Woman #152 (February 1965). Andru and Eposito cover and splash page. POV change, a few moments time separation. 

Wonder Woman #148 (August 1964). Andru and Eposito cover and splash page. large POV change.

Wonder Woman #116 (August 1960). POV and character position change. Andru and Eposito  drew both.

Wonder Woman #119 (January 1961). POV change. Andru and Eposito again.

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