19 July 2013

The Art of Kay Nielson

Kay Nielsen was born in Copenhagen(in 1886)  into an artistic family; both of his parents were actors.

Disney used his designs  in the "Ave Maria" and "Night on the Bare Mountain" sequences of Fantasia.


  1. You might want to check, but I think its "Night on Bald Mountain".

    I know it scared the Hell out of me the first time they showed it on "Disneyland" .

    1. St. John's Night on The Bare Mountain (Russian: Иванова ночь на лысой ), normally known in English as Night on the Bare Mountain or Night on the Bald Mountain, is a composition originally by Modest Mussorgsky (1839–1881).

    2. Maybe Walt called it Bald when he introduced it.

      Nobody was allowed to be bare on TV in the 50s.

    3. I've heard it both ways. Great piece, especially love the Tomita version and the disco version (by David Shire, I think!)