13 July 2013

Saturday Morning Comics~Smokey Stover

Smokey Stover  comic strip abut a goofy fireman written and drawn by cartoonist Bill Holman, from 1935 until he retired in 1973.The title Smokey Stover derived from Holman's observation of an old smoking stove. 

The chaotic panels of Smokey Stover regularly include wild sight gags, mirthful mishaps, absurd vehicles and bizarre household items—including oddly-shaped furniture, clocks, vases, headwear, cigarette holders and telephones. Crazy framed pictures which change completely from panel to panel—or break the fourth wall, with subjects literally jumping out of the frames—add to the overall weirdness. A madcap, "anything for a laugh" atmosphere pervades the strip, which also abounds in nonsensical dialogue, non sequiturs and pervasive, almost nonstop puns. Smokey's ears frequently (and literally) "pop" off his head at the outrageousness of the incessant punning.

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