16 July 2013

Pulp Art of Hubert Rogers

Reginald Hubert Rogers was born December 21, 1898 in Canada.

 He sold freelance pulp covers to Street & Smith magazines, such as Detective Story, Love Story, Sport Story, The Whisperer, The Wiz

According to Robert A. Heinlein, "A Scribner's editor asked me to suggest an artist for Rocket Ship Galileo. I suggested Hubert Rogers, She looked into the matter, then wrote me that Mr. Rogers' name was 'too closely associated with a rather cheap magazine,' meaning Astounding Science Fiction. To prove her point she sent me tear sheets from the magazine. It so happened that the story she picked to send me was one of my own! I chuckled and said nothing. If she was only impressed by the fact that the stuff was printed on pulpwood paper, it was not my place to educate her. I wondered if she knew that my reputation had been gained in that same 'cheap' magazine. I concluded that she probably did not know and might not be willing to publish my stuff in Scribner's had she known."

He passed away in 1982.


  1. I don't think Rogers did any covers for Doc Savage magazine, but he should have. Damn, but he draws heroes heroically.

    1. So true. As an illustrator myself, he's a great inspiration. He draws/paints characters accurately to the story, which is real important to me.