17 May 2013

The Laxies

This ad campaign from the early 50s gives us the Laxies, three stool-hastening imps of varying tempers.


  1. This ad campaign baffles me. Why on earth would "all the guys in my crowd" need a daily dose of a laxative??? I realize these ads don't reflect reality--they were intended to sell Ex-Lax, of course--but when I was a kid about this time we hardly knew what a laxative was. It was something our old grannies took and we knew it had something to do with poop snicker snicker, but that's it. The notion that a laxative should be part of a daily health regimen is bizarre.

    1. Yeah, I don't remember being "plugged up" more than once or twice in my childhood. If prunes didn't work, Dad brought out these large purple pills charmingly called "Evac-U-Gen".