18 May 2013

Saturday Morning Comics~Men Into Space

Men Into Space was  an American science-fiction television series broadcast from September 30, 1959 to September 7, 1960 by CBS which depicted future efforts by the United States Air Force to explore and develop outer space. The black-and-white filmed show starred William Lundigan as Col. Edward McCauley.

  DELL did a comic book adaption ;Four Color #1083 (March-May 1960)

Here is the first of three stories in that issue, based on the first episode of the series.

Script:Gaylord Du Bois
Pencils:Murphy Anderson

The series was not set in a specific era, but clues throughout the scripts indicated that it took place in the mid-1970s to mid-1980s, with the first moon landing somewhere around 1975. Props were occasionally futuristic (such as a forerunner of today's real-life LCD TVs) but the show's earthly clothing and environs, including automobiles, telephones and other machines, were decidedly 1950s.

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