04 March 2013

Minnie The Mermaid

Novelty song written in 1923 by Bud DeSylva in 1923.Phil Harris had a hit with it in 1948.

The other night I dreamed that I wasDown at the bottom of the sea.I met a Mermaid fair, Who had a cottage there,Her name was Minnie and she tumbled for me.She had the tail of a fish for a train,But just the same, she could sure entertain.Chorus:Oh what a time I had with Minnie the Mermaid,Down at the bottom of the sea;I forgot my troubles, There among the bubbles,Gee but she was awfly good to me.And ev'ry night when the star fish came out,I'd hug and kiss her so.Oh what a time I had with Minnie the mermaid,Down in her seaweed bungalow.

Press white triangle to hear it

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