22 August 2012

Moskvitch 410

   The Moskvitch 410 is a four wheel drive  car which was made by Soviet manufacturer Moskvitch from 1957 to 1961. Only 9095 were produced. It was powered by a 35 hp four cylinder engine, upgraded to 45 hp in 1958. Transmission was a 3 speed (4 speed after 1959), with a 2 speed reverse.

  Standard equipment included radio and folding seats.
 Ground clearance was 8.7 inches, and it could drive through water up to a foot deep.


  1. looks like an AMC product on first glance.


  2. It´s the worlds first series automobile with a 4-wheel-drive. The engine is based on german GM-technology. Its from the Opel Kadett, 1937.