23 August 2012

March of Comics 352 Space Family Robinson

From 1970, the 3rd of 3 SFR March of Comics issues. See the August 2012 archive for the other two.

This reminds me, my post "The Mystery of The Red Spacemobile" will be online soon.


  1. Hey I just got a copy of this from my sister in-law (who is an OCD packrat of all things from her chdhood). Actually she gave it to my 5 year old son. Anyway, the blank areas on the front and back covers have the "May Co" logo on them.

    I never heard of this before, but the art is great and it's nice to see that if I wanna read the whole story to my son, you've got 'em posted!

  2. The May Co..... Mary Livingstone probably gave them out. (ok ok, before your time)