24 February 2012


Video/ Computer games today certainly look nicer than their fore bearers of 25 years ago, but I find that they often lack something the simpler games provided...FUN.

"Full Metal Planet" was a 1990 computer version of the French science fiction board game "Full Métal Planète" from two years prior. 
 In this game of science fiction strip mining, players land on a planet and try and grab as much ore as possible and take off before the game is over. Each player has tanks, boats, barges, mining equipment and a base ship at his disposal and will have to contend with the weather and the other miners. 
This game was a lot of fun, despite a cumbersome copy protection check everytime the program was run.
The game was written for DOS, although it might have been ported from some other system. This fine bit of gameware will not run under Windows, not even with DosBox. I miss it.


  1. Some of the most entertaining games I ever played on a computer were on the Commodore 64. Two of my favorites were "Space 1889" and "Alternate Reality: The Dungeon."

  2. I liked SPACE:1889. I would have liked to have tried the paper RPG back then. I was into "Star Frontiers" RPG in early 80s.

    Really miss X-COM (UFO DEFENSE). Have never found any patch or scheme that lets it run very well under anything past DOS 5. I did however, just yesterday, find an iPad version that only does the turned based combat, not the other strategy stuff.

    1. Download it from here :

      Use "D-fend Reloaded" for windows 7,Vista and XP :

      Unzip FMP zip files inside a folder, and launch "FMP.com" file from D-fend.

      It works :D (and many other too)
      You just need to find a cr4cked version, like the previous link.

      Happy old school playing ;)

    2. I've found that almost all the old DOS games run just fine on my new Macbook with the great BOXER program. It runs DosBox so totally transparently it is amazing

  3. Oh,love this,ill dl rightnow