04 February 2012

Fiesta Ware

candle holder

Fiesta is a line of ceramic dinnerware glazed in differing solid colors manufactured and marketed by the Homer Laughlin China Company of Newell, West Virginia.

When it was introduced in January 1936 the decoration of dinnerware and kitchenware ceramics was still inspired by the Victorian era, based on full, predetermined sets of dinnerware, all decorated with the same decal designs. With its solid color glazes and mix-and-match concept, Fiesta represented something radically new to the general public.

The original colors were ivory, yellow, light green, turquoise, dark blue, and red-orange.

Fiesta was sold until 1973, although the colors and selection had dropped since the late 50s.

Laughlin began producing Fiesta again in 1986 with these colors, none of which match the original 1930s colors...

Rose (true pink) (1986-2005),
Black (slightly chocolate under bright light) (1986-),
Cobalt (dark navy blue) (1986-),
White (bright stark white) (1986-),
Apricot (pale pinkish tan) (1986-1998).
Yellow (pale custard/butter) (1987-2002),
Turquoise (more greenish than vintage Turquoise) (1988-),
Periwinkle (slightly lavenderish-blue) (1989-2006),
Sea Mist (pale mint green) (1991-2005),
Lilac (soft purple) (1993-1995),
Persimmon (brownish-orange) (1995-2008),
Sapphire (medium bright blue like faded denim) (Bloomingdale's exclusive 1996-1997),
Chartreuse (brighter and greener than vintage Chartreuse) (1997-1999),
Pearl Gray (warm light gray) (1999-2001),
Juniper (dark bluish-green) (1999-2001),
Cinnabar (brownish-burgundy) (2000-2010),
Sunflower (bright yellow) (2001-),
Plum (deep dark purple) (2002-),
Shamrock (bright deep green) (2002-),
Tangerine (bright orange) (2003-),
Scarlet (deep true red) (2004-),
Peacock (bright blue) (2005-),
Heather (dark reddish-purple) (2006-2009),
Evergreen (dark bluish-green) (2007-2009)
Ivory (egg shell/off white) (2008-)
Chocolate (rich brown) (2008-)
Lemongrass (yellowish chartreuse) (2009-)
Paprika (dark rust) (2010-)
Marigold (yellowish-orange)

Harlequin, often confused with Fiesta, was made exclusively for Woolworth by the Homer Laughlin Co., It is lighter in weight. The rings are separated from the edge by a plain band. Pointy handles and cone shapes characterize this pattern, the Art Deco collector’s delight.

Harlequin pitcher

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