08 November 2011


George W. Trendle , Fran Striker, and James Jewell created THE GREEN HORNET in 1936 for radio. Most people reading this will think of the 1960s TV show when the name is mentioned. There may be a few that liked the horrid 2010 movie. There was also a movie serial in the 40s.

Holyoke published the first GH comic, in late 1940. it ran for 6 issues. Harvey Comics took over with #7 and ran another 40 issues.

Gold Key did 3 issues based on the tv show in the 60s. NOW Comics did some Green Hornet work in the 80s & 90s.

Our subject here though is Dell Four Color #496. Published in 1953 (cover date September), just after the Green Hornet radio show ended. The comic contained 2 stories, both adaptions of later episodes of the radio show.

Here is "Proof of Treason" . art by Frank Thorne

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  1. THE PROOF OF TREASON radio episode first aired on Oct 1th, 1952 at 5pm. Script by Trendel & Steve McCarthy